Why We Pray

God delights in hearing our prayers, because He is the God of the impossible. When we believe that, it’s easy to understand
how our prayers have a strategic purpose in the work of the Lutheran Church.
We invite you to join us in praising His name and seeking His provision.


Current Prayer Request List

last updated on july 7, 2024

For Healing and Comfort

Dyan I.
Angie R.
Sabrina T.
Elizabeth W.
Martha B.
Michelle D.
Lois F.
George C.
Charles E.
Curt C.
Diane D.
Pat D.
Gerry M.
Edna O.
Patty H.
Don R.
Betty S.
Allison T.
Traie W.
Lynette N.
Blake A.
Judi B.
Sen C.
Mike C. 
Lisa C.
Danielle H.
Dawn S.

Loved ones of Pastor Steven Witte and his extended family members, called home to our Lord

For the Infirm and Homebound

Viola B.
Sen & Dale C.
Donita D.
Rosie F.
Donna G.
Rich & Pam H.
Fran K.
Bob K.
Don & Nancy M.
Fran M.
Jerry P.
Don R.
Norma T.
Amy W.
Fred & Marlene Y.

Celebrate the Sacraments

Take part in this central aspect of the faith.